Share your tips for improving online play!

Share your tips for improving online play!

My tip is to get an Ethernet Adapter that allows for higher speeds. I have one that lets me run 1000 MBPS! Definitely helps with the latency!

  • You said ethernet adapter? As opposed to just a cable? I find that using ethernet through a cable gives me a slower, more consistent speed. Around 100 mbps.

    Is an adapter faster because it goes through USB?

  • If you're using an ethernet cable directly from your modem/router to your console or PC and you're getting slower speeds than when connected to WiFi, something is wrong. The ethernet cable should always give you the fastest speed. How long is the cable you're using btw?

  •  Wifi, same room, clean line of sight

     Cable, 6 ft.  

  • Interesting, thanks for sharing. What happens if you try using another cable? I'm wondering if the cable could be damaged in some way. Are all the drivers updated on your PC, specifically for the network adapters or chipset? This link may also help:

  • First sentence: "An Ethernet cable may slow your connection if it’s the wrong type. For example, never use a CAT 5 cable if your internet connection is 200Mbps or faster."


    Internet speed- paying for 200, they give me 400. So I would say you successfully found and diagnosed the problem there. There is a decent chance my dog stepping on the cable or me jamming it in too hard when it fell out several times per use also damaged something.

    Just scrolled down to the chart explaining 5 and 5E are too different things. Initial understanding was wrong and 5E is adequate. Connector is leading suspect. I am not changing this stream of consciousness rant. Thank you,

  • Good luck, hope you can it sorted out.