new secret of mana

anyone going to play the new secret of mana game?

  • Looks pretty good, but dunno when I'd have enough time to play it. I played the first 2 and secret of evermore wayyyy back in the day.

  • I totally missed this news when it came out. I have barely done more than google it, but I am already in.

  • I am going to be playing Visions of Mana when it releases! I just watched the launch date trailer being August 29th this year and I can't wait to try it out!

  • Mana has been a series well before and after Secret of Mana.  xD  But yes, absolutely, it's using the same engine and ideas as the Trials of Mana remake did and I vibed with that game really hard

  • Been playing the series since the original on Game Boy (as Final Fantasy Adventure), and I'm very much looking forward to this one. I hope it feels more like the older games!

  • I might give it a go, it looks interesting but the previews I've seen seemed kind of lacking. But I'll probably wait til its on a discount or something before downloading. 

  • I'll definitely play once it gets a good discount 

  • I'll be taking a look at it. Secret of Mana is one of the games that defined my childhood. I put SOOOO many hours into it, but that was partly because i was unable to successfully save the game. It was corrupt and would delete itself every time it shut off or if i died.