Mario Party Superstars vs. Super Mario Party?

I'm considering getting one of the newer Mario Party games on Nintendo Switch, and I wanted to see which one may be the better option. I know both of them have pros and cons, so I'm hoping some input from people who have played both games might help me make an informed decision. There seems to be more content in Superstars, while Super Mario Party seems to be a fresher entry in the series with more innovation. I just want to see which one is better overall.

  • I haven't played either so take this with a grain of salt, but the sense that I have gotten reading comments before is that the majority of people have tended to favor the newer one, Mario Party Superstars. Though perhaps the fact that Nintendo, after years neglecting it, finally got around to updating Super Mario Party with stuff that had sorely been missing (like meaningful online multiplayer) could have changed some people's minds somewhat. Also, the fact that Mario Party Superstars has been on sale this past week for $29-$30 from Walmart, Target, and Amazon would seem to make it a more compelling buy in my opinion.

  • I haven't played any Mario games for many years, but this new one sounds like it could be worth trying. It is a classic.

  • I have both, and think each is worth playing, but if it helps, I've sunk WAY more time into Super Mario Party.

  • I enjoyed Superstars more. It has better online stability, you can save mid-game, more minigames, and it has less stuff to unlock. Super Mario Party is a game that will have you sinking more time into it, but Superstars is a game you can quickly pick up and play with friends. 

  • I would go with the superstars because it takes the best mini games from the previous mario party games and combines them into 1 game. But if you've played all of them up until now I would go with the mario party since it would have the most new games to you.

  • Super Mario Party by far. It actually feels like a complete game too, with all the minigames

  • both are fun but superstars seems to have more content and lasts longer

  • The best Mario Party up to this day is still Mario Party 4!

  • Superstars is a better in my opinion but both are fun. You can't go wrong with either one so I would go with what looks more interesting to. 

  • I haven't played superstars, but Super Mario Party gets repetitive with the amount of maps and mini games.