About the exorbitant pricing on GameCube games these days.....

Right around the time the COVID-19 pandemic was first taking hold the prices of GameCube games on the secondhand market skyrocketed to the point where many of them became prohibitively expensive, and although I haven't really looked around lately I remain skeptical that they ever receded or came back down to their previous and/or sane levels. Do you think the bubble will burst at some point and why or why not?

  • No try your local flea markets first thing in the morning with the people only there for a day, go early as the regular vendors make their rounds first thing.

  • Not sure about the bubble bursting, but I'll say that I'm glad I rounded out that collection a few years ago. Wish I'd done the same for SNES and N64.

  • If the prices of N64 and SNES/NES games/equipment is any indication, they'll likely never go down to where they were pre-pandemic.  They might go down a bit from the top here, I agree GameCube games are in bubble territory now.

  • Might not go back down. Once a seller(s) knows they can get more money for a game they'll keep the higher prices.

  • Hard to say.  If demand is there they may be mass produced again and be cheaper... Until then. scarce items are expensive.

  • There are a lot of prices on things that rises during the Covid pandemic because it is harder to make thing especially thing like a game cube. When I wanted to buy a ps5 I was very surprised at the massive price that I would have had to play. Another thing that I think affected this was that their were so many people who were staying inside and when people do this they usually like to play games so I am assuming that a lot of people were buying game cubes and brood that they increased their price. I do think that prices are slowing going down because the pandemic is beginning to die down as well and that would mean more people are going to work so it would be easier to make the game cube and their for their would be a less price on it.

  • Can you please clarify what you mean? I'm not sure I understand.

  • I think the prices are high because of the rarity of the system and not many are out there for sale