Who else here has been in love with Nintendo franchise since the 8-bit version?

Nintendo has always been my favorite console system.  Born in 1980, I remember fumbling around with 'new' controller at a friends house soon after Super Mario Bros was released.  Slightly ashamed, I think a couple of friendships were centered around if they had a Nintendo System I could play on (until I bought my own).  I have played almost every release of Super Mario Bros. and Zelda over the years and have loved the family friendly, yet incredibly fun and interesting version of each game.  Even if the graphics aren't as 'good' as other game systems, I still love the Nintendo brand of games over all other systems and look forward to what they will come up with next!  

Who else has a lifelong appreciation of Nintendo games.  What is your favorite game series, and/or game version in its series?

A couple of 'old/unique' hits that jump out to me are Zelda II & Super Mario Sunshine!!

  • I loved it until the 16 bit era, then fell off after the 64. I think they make the best first party quality games, but their consoles are underwhelming and some of their anti-consumer policies have put a bad taste in my mouth. I do like how they treat their own employees though. Favorite game is Link to the Past!

  • I have loved Nintendo franchises since my parents bought me a Gameboy with Pokemon being my introduction. However, it's really hard to see Nintendo in a positive light when they openly hate their fans. 

  • I’ve always loved Nintendos first party games such as super smash bros, Mario party, Mario kart, and Mario and sonic games are great party games with friends and it never gets old. I also loved their older consoles like GBA, NDS lite, DSi, and Wii.  The thing I don’t like about Nintendo is their pricing of these games. They’ll still be $60 after 6 years. Nintendo as a company also likes suing everyone and that does leave a bad taste with their image. I don’t currently support Nintendo anymore.

  • Link to the past or orcarina of time are some of my favorites. I still have a GBA with Link to the past in it. I fell off after the gamecube. The anti-consumer policies have always irritated me too. However, i would buy the next console just for supersmash bros. I have to admit, their exclusives are much better than sony and xbox due to everything being ported to pc now. Come on wave race 64!!!!!

  • I did at first but have lost all love for Nintendo.  I think it started with the Wii.  It was a let down from the beginning.  

  • I loved Ocarina of Time, Mario Kart, and Smash Bros as a kid, but haven't had a Nintendo console since the Wii. Super Mario Sunshine was a great game, I still get the music stuck in my head every now and then haha.

  • I grew up in a one console household so my only experience to Nintendo was with my Game Boy. I've never owned a Nintendo home console. Having said that, I always to, especially the Super Nintendo and Switch.

  • 100% with you on this. While I enjoy games from lots of different companies, I feel like Nintendo consistently creates excellent software despite the fact that their hardware usually lags behind the competition. They really know how to treat their IPs (generally speaking...looking at you, F-Zero & StarFox).

    My favorites are still the NES Metroid and Legend of Zelda. I play the both pretty regularly.

  • I have always loved it! I bought the minis when they came out although I was disappointed with the games! I have recently picked up both an NES and an SNES console!! I have been printing off cartridge holders for both that match the old school holders!

    I have gotten both my kids and my nieces and nephews into all the Super Mario Bros! Honestly, it has brought the whole family closer, all the adults remember playing and know how to play most of the games and so we can all play with the kids and there is a lot of yelling on different shortcuts and hidden things!

    I don't have a switch, although I am REALLY thinking about it lately!