Favorite game revealed at June 18 Direct?

A lot of games were revealed. My favorite was the new Legend of Zelda featuring Zelda as the main character! I really enjoy the art style of the previous remake and this looks and feels new.

Yes, Metroid Prime 4 was there but 2025 is far off in my mind.

  • The new Zelda was the game that I found most interesting. I've always enjoyed the series.

  • I was most excited to see the super Punisher, I thought I would never get to play this game.

  • Zelda takes the cake from Link! 

  • Honestly I cannot wait for the new Zelda, and to finally play Metroid Prime 4 Sob

  • The new Metroid was interesting

  • I popped off for the new Mario & Luigi RPG! Huge fan of the series, and was devasted when the developer (AlphaDream) went bankrupt around 5 years ago. Ecstatic for Brothership!

    Other highlights were Metroid Prime 4 (never played the series, but LOVE Ridley's design), and the new Zelda game!

  • Probably the Ace Attorney Investigations Collection! I love the Ace Attorney series!

  • I'm A bit disappointed when most of the games I'm looking forward to are just old games rereleased. But Marvel vs Capcom was the one that most caught my attention.