Old Game Values. GB, GBA, ... Well all of them really.

My kid came to visit this week and wanted to play some of my old dusty GameBoy games.   I have 2 working GBA SPs in a homemade box with all the games.   She didn't even play any games cause she got caught up looking them up on Mercari for their values.    What games have you come across tucked away and found out they are they could buy you a few weeks' worth of eggs?   ($100s of dollars these days.)  

  • For me wasn't the 2 Ruby and Saphire Pokemon GBA carts.   It was the Drilldozer one.   Thing goes for $100 all day.    I seriously had to squint my eyes at that one.   Still not selling it though.   Sunglasses

  • Eggs have become the new price standard  rofl

    GBA Sp is really nice! 

    I can't even choose one from my selection, love them all! 

  • I've got loads of old games lying around, but I don't think any are worth more than $40. Not a bad haul if I sold them all, but I don't plan to.

  • I bought Pokemon Box for GameCube a few years back; paid maybe $60. It's now worth over $1,500...decent investment, I'd say!

  • I think it is sad that so many of these old game carts are getting counterfeited.   I understand why but normally they are not working or are poorly done that end up swindling someone of hard-earned cash.

  • I recently also found my old Gameboy case with my Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance SP. I've been having a blast playing CastleVania: Circle of the Moon and Advance Wars.

  • donkey kong for gameboy advance was one of my favorite games!

  • Have not checked value, but got tons of those retro games & systems - NES, SNES, GBA, N64, GameCube, PS1, etc.-- Zelda games, Mario, 007, Metroid, Pokemon, etc.

  • Original Apple II games from the eighties in boxes at my dad's house. Worth some real $$ to collectors.

  • i have a copy of spuds adventure that i barely played and apparently its a collector item lol