Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios!

Who's planning on going to visit Universal Studio's when the Nintendo park opens?!?

  • Man, I am SO excited to go check this place out...but even though I live right in the area, I probably won't go for a while because I'm sure it's going to be packed solid with people. I know I'm missing out on an opportunity to "see it when it's new"...but I just can't stand a crowded theme park - just takes all the fun out of it. Now if I could go on a "restricted attendance" type of day? Now you're talking!

  • So true! It's guaranteed to be packed when it opens. Can't wait to check it out though at some point

  • I just found out about this and I have to say Universal Studios is not going to do it right at all, it's going to be like the movie from 1993.

  • I was, but not I heard that everything is tailored to below average size people. I will have to look more into this!

  • I doubt it only if I happen to be in the area

  • Check out videos of the one in Japan.  It looks absolutely AMAZING!  I think they've done a really good job on it. 

  • I'm so excited for this that I'm half tempted to plan a trip to CA so I can get a taste of what the one in FL will end up being.  The one in Japan looks amazing and I dream of being able to visit that site one day!!

  • Oh sweet! I did not expect Universal Studio's Super Nintendo World to open so soon; I'm probably planning to go there this winter or summer, depending on my schedule. The reason is that I am trying to find a place to work after I graduate from university, so I'll have to see by then.

  • That's a valid point, but I think there are some other factors to consider as well.

  • I’m excited to go and see everything Mario world.