Buying a Switch

Thinking to let my daughter buy a Switch.   Are there any things to be concerned about?   Any possible issues with buying used?   Are they worth the money?   Regular or Lite?  Pros vs Cons?  Thanks Fam.

  • My recommendation would be to get her a regular (or OLED) version - it's much more versatile being able to play handheld and docked modes. There are a TON of great games to be had, so no concerns there : )

  • Make sure to get a screen protector for it! Some of the docks can scuff it over time, or just from general wear and tear.

  • Be sure your daughter enjoys the Nintendo library of games. When push comes to shove, the games will make or break her enjoyment of whichever system purchased. 

  • Switch is good option. Maybe she enjoy it

  • If she will play a lot in console(docked) mode, make sure to get a Pro Controller. They are very comfortable and it avoids issues with stick drift.

  • Don't see too many concerns with buying used. Reddit hardwareswap is a reputable spot to find people selling used switches.

  • Their is talk of a new version of Nintendo console coming, so the question is what is your budget, and what she wants.

  • Does she want one now, or is she willing to wait for the newer version? Used can be good; is she budget-conscious?

  • Well, let's think about how she'll use it. A Switch Lite is exclusively handheld. While it has a smaller screen and cannot be used as an at-home console, it has the exact same level of performance for a smaller price.

    The OLED, or regular version, has a larger screen and detachable Joycons. Not only that, but you can connect it to your television or any form of screen, which is fantastic if she wants an even larger screen. 

    If your daughter is fairly young(like five or six), get her the Lite without hesitating. She won't know the difference. If she's a bit older, she'll notice that there's no Joycon controllers.

    In all seriousness, it just depends on how she intends to use it.

    Getting it used will always have issues. I bought a Playstation 2 a month ago and it came not working despite being advertised as working. You're safer buying new, but unless stated otherwise, they'll likely work. Worst case scenario, it doesn't work. Depending on where you buy it from, you can get a refund for it if you show that it doesn't work.

  • buy new not used nintendo tends to be good with handling warranty stuff