Is anyone playing Pokémon Unite?

I used to love the game, logged in everyday! Things changed after they started increasing prices dramatically for the Pokémon licenses. Over 14k for a new license when it used to be max 10k. 

Also, the increase in bots is crazy. They’re even matching me up with bots during ranked play!! And then we have afk players during ranked. It’s so disappointing. I miss when the game first came out!!

  • This is what I hate about the free-to-play model. They're and pull money out of you, and it's consistently way more expensive than just actually paying for a full game. Not a fan of the model in general.

  • Totally agree, especially since when the new licenses first come out, the Pokémon are super strong but after it’s available to the public or cheaper they nerf them. Pay to win vibes

  • Wow, I remember when Pokemon as a game that you played with cards!   Surprised that it keeps returning in different formats.

  • I'm trying to get back into Pokemon Unite. I stopped playing after I hit Master's with Sylveon main! Message me so we can add each other on Unite!!!

  • I'm back to not playing anything in the Pokemon franchise. They are purely a cash grab and need to justify all the price increases and churning of new titles with subpar features and graphics and performance despite how much money they make. They need some fresh ideas in the franchise for me to comeback anytime soon.

  • Unfortunately, I haven't played any Pokemon mobile games due to my fear of the nefarious gacha/monetization coming from it. Also, I got my hands full just by playing a couple of gacha games from my end as well. 

  • My kids really love playing this game and I love Heart the quite time while they play.

  • Lmaoooo, it’s nice that your kids are quiet, I get quite worked up over the bots and uncoordinated teammates.

  • Hahaha, I remember the board game we used to have with the little circle chips. It was so much fun!!