Thoughts on "Pokemon Breath of the Wild?" (Legends: Arceus)

"Pokemon Legends: Arceus" was recently announced, and it's gotten mixed responses from the community.

What are your thoughts on this new style for the Pokemon series?
Are you excited for a new format, or wishing this Sinnoh experience was closer to the original Diamond/Pearl games?

  • MAJOR POG - can someone gift me a Switch?? lol

  • Hmmmm... Haven't played Pokemon since Red/Blue/Yellow. How will this differ from those ones?

  • Supposedly it's true open-world pokemon, and has more of a focus on exploration. It doesnt seem to follow the usual gym/battle progression, moreso about a story I believe. We will see!

  • hahahahah I'm with you! Got a Switch for xmas and absolutely love Breath of the Wild so I NOW I'm gonna enjoy this one