What are your top 5 NES (or Famicom) titles?

The NES has an awesome library full of classics that include the first games in a lot of long-lived series. 

What are your top five titles from the NES/Famicom family? Feel free to include hacks, translations or indie titles as you see fit.

Here are mine (as of today...this could certainly change as frequently as the weather):

  1. Metroid
  2. The Legend of Zelda
  3. Super Mario Bros. 3
  4. Dragon Warrior III
  5. Final Fantasy III

Plenty of honorable mentions - Kirby's Adventure, Rygar, Gradius, Gradius II, Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior IV, Contra, Castlevania, Castlevania III, Solar Jetman, Battletoads...the list goes on. What a great console!

  • Didn't play much but I really enjoyed playing Metroid and Area 88 and Legend of Zelda

  • My top 5 are Contra, Super Mario Bros, Metroid, Ghosts n Goblins, and Legend of Zelda. There are some other games that brought hours of gaming joy: Duck Hunt, TMNT, Tetris, Castlevania 3, Super Contra, Super Mario Bros 3, Duck Tales, and Punch out. The NES was one of my favorite gaming systems in my four decades of gaming. Going from an Atari 2600 to NES was a huge leap for me, even bigger than PS1 to PS2 which is saying a lot. It and the PS2 are my top two consoles of all time. Such a big library of great games launched on both consoles. I could probably fill this whole page with shout-outs.

  • Super Mario bros 3, Techmo Bowl, Teenage Mutant Ninaja Tutles (no, the water level isn't actually impossible), Mega man 1-3, Tetris

  • I did not expect to see Ghosts N Goblins on someone’s list.  I freakin’ LOVED GnG!

  • There are so many great games to choose! Even so, I like your selection. I just think Ninja Gaiden deserved an honorable mention too! And I would include the other Mario games along with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Disney had awesome games too, like Ducktales! 

  • Agree with your selections - I also somehow missed the entire Mega Man franchise!

  • You two must both be masochists, lol. That game drove me NUTS, but I did spend many hours playing it. I really can't say too much because one of my all-time favorites from the NES was Bionic Commando and I've heard a few people say that they thought it was super hard. I loved it, though and finished it many times. Never finished Ghost's "n Goblins, though, I got to the last level a few times, but I didn't know about the shield/cross thing being the only weapon that can be used against the last boss. That may have broken me if I had actually ever gotten to him. I don't mind the "play through again" thing that much, though.

  • I read through the comments and was reminded of some great games I've forgotten about. My favorite game that I played the most was Bionic Commando, then Blaster Master, after those two it gets harder. Metroid, Golgo 13, R.C. Pro Am, Metal Gear, Original Final Fantasy, and the first few Castlevania games.

    I know I'm forgetting more than I'm leaving off and that there's more than five, but I couldn't remember which I played most after the first two. I might have to go get an emulator and see if I still like them, at least with Blaster Master, I don't think I ever beat that one.

  • My favorite games from Nintendo would be Mario cart,Teroc,and Super Mario world 1,2 and 3

    The N64 was my favorite console from nes..

  • Mario 3, Contra, Metroid, Dragon Warrior 4, Megaman 2