Hogwarts... The Wait.

 All my life I've been an avid fan of the Harry Potter series, so when Hogwarts Legacy was announced, I knew immediately that I needed to get and play it. But a month or two following me pre-ordering it, I found that it's release for the Switch was pushed back to November! =(

 Has anyone else suffered the same crippling disappointment and impatience as I have with this game? I've been waiting for my Hogwarts letter ever since the first book was released, and I just want to enjoy the magic and wonder!

 Anyone else?

  • I have played at least two hours of this game on my xbox one and have to say this is the most boring game ever and do not recommend.

  • it really depends on the type of person you are when you play games.  i bought the game on my PC and i played it and did a bunch of side missions and explored and wanted to 100% this game. i quickly realized that even on a harder difficulty it was still pretty easy to defeat enemies and you don't actually get anything for completing ALL of the side missions because you only have to complete so many to unlock the cosmetics.  i figured you would find different wands that made you more powerful and things like that.  it was honestly a let down for me after completing the story, which don't get me wrong was a pretty good story but again after finishing it there was no major change to the map or anything to really show you've completed it.

  • Is it? That's disappointing. My wife wants to play it but I don't want to get it for her if she's going to get bored and quit.

  • I have sen the gameplay and though oh man that looks amazing.. never been a fan of harry potter or even watched it but it did look great until it came out I also heard a lot of people didn’t care for it. I am not even sure like why or what it need but it looks like its missing something. I still have not played it only watched other play it. I will wait till they fix it or just pass on it for now. 

  • The game can be boring until you unlock/learn better spells. I felt the same way first few hours but it got much better once I could combo spells from 3 or four spells sets. There were way too many collectathon and fetch quests. I think it is a good game just not great if you are a Harry Potter fan. The story and world was fun to experience as a fan. I just wish there was more backstory to the character you play. I just did not connect with my character which is my biggest gripe. I played it on my PS5 and only had minor performance issues. I think this game needs patience and really have to be a Harry Potter fan. This is one of those games just like big name fandoms like Star Wars, Marvel, Star Trek etc..... some fans are going to be extremely critical even if the game is decent and others are happy just to play out their fantasies from their favorite books, movies or comic. IPs like this rarely have fans with middling opinions. Its usually polarizing because it is soooo loved. As a fan, it is worth playing and combat is really fun. My only concern would be how well it would run on an underpowered console like the Switch and what concessions devs will have to make so performance doesn't take too much of a hit which is probably why it was delayed. It is a pretty big world with lots of evironmental assets so I wonder what will be taken out or have lower rendering to get it to run well on Switch. 

  • Friend played it on pc and told me it was a good game especially for avid fans, BUT it that was far from great or epic in story or challenge that a hard core game or persnickity fan will like.


  • 9 months of wait, ouch I feel you

  • I understand your frustration too. But it’s probably better that it is delayed. Hopefully it will help improve testing and performance on the Switch.