New Switch Model

Will Nintendo make another console based around the concept of the already existing Nintendo Switch? If they do (which is very likely) what are the chances that they up the RAM of the new module so it can actually handle the games that come out for it?(Breath if The Wild Korok Forest moment)

  • I don't see why they wouldn't. It's a winning design with the portable/TV capability. It stands to reason that with better technology the newer model will be able to handle the more graphic intensive games. 

  • There were rumors about Switch 2, so it's very likely

  • With a more-or-less first-in-class design and huge adoption, I think it would be silly to think Nintendo would _not_ try to get at least one more substantive model out, likely for a Christmas season. As game graphics and physics continue to evolve and improve, the Switch won't be able to keep up without a hardware bump. The issue with consoles has always been that they are 'hardware locked' for a bit - the Switch is no different. Additionally, there are new players (manufacturers) in this space now with competing products. I'd expect a newer updated Switch sooner (rather than later) in an attempt to maintain market share at least, especially since the Switch has been out awhile now,

  • I haven't seen any leaks about RAM, but the Switch 2 is rumored to have a bigger 8-inch LCD display and 512GB of storage at a price of $399.

  • I'm nearly 100% sure that Nintendo will stick with the hybrid format. They've historically always had both a console and handheld presence in the market place, and I don't see them going back to the old style of separate development. Switch bridges the gap between the two gaming pillars, and I feel like that's where Nintendo wants to stay.

  • I just hope their next console is backwards compatible. 

  • I heard some rumors it may be comming next year. I guess we'll have to wait for leaks or something official.

  • I’m hoping for backward compatibility as well. I’m also hoping they don’t feel the need to add some bizarre new gimmick. A Switch with faster graphics, upscaling, more RAM and storage, and a bigger screen would be fantastic.

  • wish it coming soon