Tears of the Kingdom

Will Nintendo make a third Legend of Zelda game in the same style as Breath of The Wild and Tears of The Kingdom?

  • I doubt that it; while I think they'll continue to release open-world style ges in the series, it's not usually Nintendo's style to continue to reuse assets and engines over and over. That said, I 100% hope I am wrong!

  • I think once the Switch 2 is finally released we'll get some new world for Link. Hopefully the keep most of the gameplay style though. I hope we get a Mario Odyssey 2 soon though....

  • I think they won't make one just like botw or tofk due to reasons of avoiding making the same game

  • I don't think it is likely they would anytime soon. Nintendo may release something that feels different for Zelda to keep the current formula from becoming stale but think they could bring a third one in the current style later down the road. You see this happen with lots of big name IPs. I would definitely welcome a third one with open arms.

  • Same style maybe with a different story. Depending on if there's new hardware in a few years, could see better graphics as well. 

  • Let me get my crystal ball dusted out...., nope still not working so I don't know.  I could go either way really.

  • I'd say yes because of how successful those two games have been. They're still selling Switches which are way overdue for an upgrade without any real information about their next console. Why change something that's proving to be profitable?

  • i don't thinks so and we still have the DLC to come, although there is a lot of material to make more games, but i think that will be hard to beat the first and second one 

  • Probably not, but it would be cool!