Switch 2 Ideal Upgrades

What would you like to change about the next gen Switch? I mean other than a more powerful processor. What kind of design improvements would you like to see in the next version?

  • A lot more storage. Maybe different options for the Joycons (like just a little more ergonomic when used in handheld mode). 

  • I mean just looking at the new Legion Go I would really want a more "adult" looking device. Don't get me wrong I am all for the switch limited editions like their Animal Crossing: New Horizons model, but it would be nice to just have a ready-to-go option that won't stick out in a professional environment. 

  • I would say more storage would be a luxury.

  • Mostly UI changes and more storage. Can we also move the buttons to match the configuration of Xbox controllers? I mean, every third party device uses the config XY on top, AB on bottom. When you look at configuration on an Axis, it just makes sense for X to be on an X axis and Y to be on the Y axis. And c'mon, B-A.. just use alphabetical order. 

    "You know you can change them in the settings, right?" - Yes, but...

    B.) When I tell my kids to hit "A" and they look down to find button, the button still says "A" so they'll get confused.

    A.) You can't change it in the cheaper third-party controllers, even if they are Nintendo branded. 

    (see what I did there?)

  • Beefy ARM chip similar to Iphone 15 Pro Max