mic on switch

did you guys know that you can use a mic on the switch? 1st party games don't need mics to work, but 3rd party games like fortnite allows you to put a mic/headphone combo into the headphone jack and talk to people online

  • Yeah, I did! Back when I played some Fortnite and Overwatch on it, I would plug my headset into it so I could talk to people while I played. Nintendo games don't really use game chat so it makes sense that someone might not know that you can with other games  that usually use a mic.

  • My samsung headphone 3.5 jack with mic works fine

  • I confirm this works 

  • I have the one from Samsung Note 9 it works in fortnite

  • Yeah but it's still a complete oversight in design for a modern handheld system. They better fix that for the switch 2. 

  • Yeah I know. I haven't actually used it (most of the time I have my headphones plugged into the TV, not the Switch, so I couldn't). But my Astro headphones work with it.

  • There really should be a built in mic in the Switch... maybe that'll be for the Switch 2

  • I'd just use my Steelseries headset since it works just fine on PC and consoles.