Left Handed Players and Motion Controls

Hi there, I am a left-handed player and felt like talking about how alienating motion controls can be and see if anyone else here feels my pain.

I feel like this is an issue that doesn't get brought up much. The worst I experienced was No More Heroes on the Wii. You had to be holding the remote in your right hand to play that game because there was no left-handed option for the game. As a person who uses my left hand to hold the remote, it was unplayable. I even dislike the fact they took left-handed Link away from us just for motion controls. They didn't even make him left-handed again TotK where there aren't even swinging motion controls.

I personally find it frustrating and was wanting to see how others felt.

  • That is one reason to go PC Gaming, there is always options for left handed people.

  • Leftie here as well. I agree it is difficult.. but then even with left handed options I feel like it's awkward to learn. At least that's how I feel abut the PC stuff, maybe I just got turned off because it seemed harder to use for me. But for handhelds this would be nice, I can use my right, but I definetely don't have the same feeling of control. It is interesting that with such a large number of us, that these consols aren't more leftie friendly 

  • No More Heroes  was a chore for me. Really a few wii games were like that being right hand oriented.  It's the reality of Nintendo not being accessible for 10% of the population. 

  • Yeah Left here too and it is a pain, but like the others say play or emulate on PC. Still on PC some devs don't accomedate us like in some VR games don't let you swtich, but it is PC and we can mod or use Steam Input.

  • Wow, Never knew that controllers and games could not be set up for left handed folks.  Now I feel like a spoiled right-hander...

  • Unfortunately,  many devices and tools are designed for right-handed people as they are the vast majority. I've adapted to use them as right-handed but, it is quite an annoyance. 

  • I am not left handed gaming wise, but I completely agree with you. Games should take that into account and have a left handed option! 

  • There really is no excuse for not having left handed options for players. Devs should always have a left handed binding preset under controller configs imo. I am not left handed but have a good friend who has to deal with the issue. As ZeusCell mentioned that's why pc gaming is so great. The variety  of options that are available are so much more than console platforms. Where is Ned Flander's Leftorium when we need it? Lol. I am surprised that there aren't left handed controllers being made and advertised on mainstram platforms. Surely there are still  enough lefthanded players to warrant it even if they are a minority. 

  • I have dealt with this all of my life. I feel like I am fairly good at adapting, though as I'm used to it. I do feel your pain!

  • Left handed options are always my best friend and determine many times if I'll play a game or not.