What are the best parts of getting a Nintendo device?

How would you recommend Nintendo as a company to me?

  • I have mixed emotions about Nintendo. On one hand their online services are the cheapest of any of the console brands. On the other hand though, due to them being more geared to a young crowd the socialization aspect that is enjoyed through things like xbox and playstation are severely limiting. 

    With this limiting nature, it definitely makes them very appealing to youngins. I can let my kids play Nintendo Switch and have no real concerns about anyone trying to stalk them or groom them. Which is definitely not the case for their tablets and things like Roblox! *shudder* 

    As far as hardware and graphics I feel like they are so very much out of date. Everything feels overpriced to me for what you are getting.  The joycons make me wanna club baby seals (hallelujer Pro Controllers). Then again though, they have exclusives on some super amazing titles that can only be gotten through Nintendo. *cough*Pokemon, Zelda, Mario, Donkey Kong, Splatoon*endcough* Though you certainly CAN emulate and play on a PC, playing natively is just better and as a modest collector of all things nerdy and games... I personally just gotta have it all (it's my Pokemon upbringing haha).

    The way I would recommend Nintendo to anyone I think is just if they have kids or if they are old nerds like me with a unwavering love and nostalgia for Pokemon, Mario, and Zelda. Otherwise I'd tell them to just pass on Nintendo. 

    (With around 50 switch games, 4 pro controllers, dock, 2 sets of joycons as well as 2 pokeball controllers... I definitely don't HATE Nintendo at all, but I really couldn't say I'm living for it either. Without their exclusive titles that I love, I'd pass.)

    As a P.S. I'm never one to give recommendations without also giving the negatives. It feels dishonest lol. 

  • Great review, Bridgette!

  • Well besides being the longest living and most popular video game company ever. Nintendo Systems always have a certain uniqueness about them that always has brought fun and joy to me and gamers of all ages.

  • their classic games are almost always fun and playing Mario Kart or Mario games in general just make me happy.

  • One often overlooked plus- their consoles tend to be tougher than others. Or at least "less delicate". My S/O and I have broke out the old N64 and Wii and been playing the old zeldas together and with a bit of cleaning, everything still works.

  • To me, the best part of Nintendo would be the franchises they own. Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Kirby, Mario etc. 

  • The first party games - I truly believe no developer puts puts more effort into polishing the final product (well...usually, at least). They may not be the most impressive from a technical standpoint, but the games are almost always top-notch.