What do you want in the next Switch?

There's SO much talk and rumors about the fabled "Nintendo Switch 2" (okay maybe not that much BUT IM EXCITED OK?). I want you to drop every rumor or confirmation you heard about and just give us your best ideas for the next switch!

My ideal Switch:

* 8-inch LCD screen (I don't really mind LCD, but I haven't tried OLED yet so that's probably why.

* Joy Cons and Wired Pro Controller Included! (I want a more normal controller to come with the next switch as well as the joy cons, but that's probably unrealistic.)

* Better graphics chip! (I want to see decent performance in games, and not think about how other console players are having a smoother experience.

* I like how the dock is right now.

* Battery Life seems okay as it is.

* A better UI in the eShop!!!! (I do not like the current eShops loading speed with everything.)

Those are just my ideas. What about yours?

  • I would just want better hardware overall. The switch was already dated when it first came out being a huge stepback compared to its competitors. 8 years later it is still the hardware holding back Nintendo games.  

  • A bigger Screen and lighter weight.

  • I want them to keep the OLED frankly. And improve performance.

  • Sadly, i heard its LCD. The performance is 100% improved.

  • The Switch OLED design is nice, having a more powerful iteration of that would do fine. Given the new handhelds that have come along like the Legion Go with AMD’s Z1 Extreme and the MSI Claw with a new Intel mobile chip, it would make sense for Nintendo to pick one of these and possibly customize it to make it cheaper. I’d like to see titles like Mario Kart and Smash Ultimate benefit from the hardware with updated graphics. Additionally, I’d just want more apps so the switch could serve as a tablet with access to web browsers and perhaps even google drive and some mobile games. 

  • I'd never say no to better battery life and performance!

  • While you mentioned being open to LCD, many fans are hoping for an OLED display for the next Switch model.

  • I really hope the next Nintendo system is VR or at least has a VR option like PSVR2. I'm obsessed with VR gaming and I want Mario and Zelda VR. Not necessarily first person though. First person might work for Zelda but I think Mario should still be third person, but you're viewing from a god-like perspective, similar to the great VR platformer "Lucky's Tale". We know Nitendo has wanted to use VR going back as far as 1995. Now that the technology has caught up with their ambitions I hope they will take advantage of it.

  • Ohhhhhhhh that's an easy question! Yet I must say a couple of things first.

    • I was a definite for the Switch 2 before the Yuzu situation
    • Nintendo may be using another Nvidia design based on older ARM architecture therefore it will likely be hackable... quickly. Open mouth

    Here's what I'd like to see out the gate with the Switch 2

    • 8 - 10 inch screen
    • HDMI out on the "tablet"
    • 60 FPS capable hardware
    • Apps for XBox Game Pass, PSN, and GeForce Now

    Everything else can be covered by the accessory manufacturers