Did Nintendo Introduce you to the World of Gaming? If so, What Console? WHat is your favorite newbie gamer story?

I Have been very curious for a while to see what Nintendo Console was the starting line for the marathon of Gaming. For me as a Gen Z gamer, my first console was a Dsi XL followed by the Wii. These were fond memories of my childhood. As I spent hours upon hours getting angry at not understanding how to play the game. 

I especially remember the first time I played Mario Kart on the Ds. I did not even understand how to get my kart to move, and after about 10 minutes of this, I promptly gave up and went to do something else. 

So here is my question: Is there anyone else like me? I would like to hear your first time Nintendo Gamer stories!

  • Classic nintendo games.... the kind that you'd blow air into like a harmonica when it didn't work to get it to work! I used to pull the whole console off the shelf when trying to jump playing Super Mario!

  • "My first Nintendo console was the NES. I remember unwrapping it on Christmas morning and being so excited to play games like Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt. I spent countless hours trying to beat difficult levels and mastering tricky jumps. It was my introduction to the world of gaming, and I'll always cherish those memories."

  • I remember on Christmas day we got it.  We had to read the instructions as my dad played for the first hour. Disappointed

  • For me? it was the Nintendo Wii. I would play games like Wii sports, Super monkey ball banana blitz, lego games, and looney tunes acme arsenal.

  • Although Nintendo did not introduce me into gaming, it was close. The first games I encountered that was accessible was the coin-op arcade games. I believe the first coin-op game I played was either Space Invaders or Scramble. Yet one of my favorite arcade games was Donkey Kong, the Mario game that started it all. If my memory serves me well... MGM Studios attempted to sue Nintendo due to the game's similarity of King Kong.

    The NES however was my first introduction into a console worth owning. In the early to mid 80s I played on a few friends Atari 2600s and one of my friends had an IntelliVision. But after joining the U.S. Army then traveling part of the world for 4 years, I'll never forget being introduced to the NES by my niece and nephew. I'll never forget, my thought was... "No way is Nintendo going to have better games than the Commodore Amiga (my 2nd computer system, the first being the Commodore 128K). Wow... look at where we are today!


    Did you (or anyone you know) own a copy of Buckner & Garcia's album?

    Old song.  New(ish) video.

  • Like  , I was introduced to video games at coin-operated video arcades.

    For 4 birthdays in a row, I convinced my folks to host my birthday-party at Mr. Arcade.  Everyone got $5 worth of tokens.  In 2024 USD, that is equivalent to ≈$40.

    Money-supply inflation is insidious, isn't it?

    Although I owned a Nintendo product (of any kind), my best friend from age 12–37 — he got an NES in 1986.  I liked playing it a lot.  He liked playing it a little.  I'd convince him to play 1v1 games, like Pro Wrestling, by pleading, "Please?!?  I'll be Fighter Hayabusa." lol

    Another friend also had an NES.  He loved to play it.  He was always so much better than I was, he'd do silly things to let me start winning.

    One day, I hit the ball out to left-field in whatever the baseball game was called.  As I round 1st, I notice my friend hasn't even retrieved the ball.  I start yelling, "What the heck are you doing!?!"  I turn to my right to look at him.

    He had jammed the controller into his mouth.  It was stretching his cheeks and I could only see the wire — coming out from between his puckered lips.  Next, he starts laughing this weird, moaning laugh — because he doesn't want to open his mouth or part his lips. lmao

    So I slap the back of his head and growl, "Play serious!"

    And then he beat me, anyway.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I have many fond memories around Nintendo.  But, I'm really glad that I never paid Nintendo for any of them.  They treat their customers (and their fans) like dirt.

    Here's Nintendo's latest anti-consumer (legal) action...

  •   OMG ... man you READ my mind. As I was writing my post I was thinking of Pacman... and this song!!!

  • My first system was a NES. As far as I'm concerned, Nintendo invented video games to me, so I'll always look fondly at them, even when I don't approve of their commercial moves (like shutting down the Wii U online, or not having achievements/trophies on Switch).

  • "Everyone got $5 worth of tokens.  In 2024 USD, that is equivalent to ≈$40." 

    The video summed it up nicely! 

    Between my wife and I we both have a Switch purchased DIRECTLY from Nintendo, multiple cartridges for various games, and Four 3Ds between us (don't ask hahahaha), with multiple cartridges. Yet still as Nintendo customers we are treated like crap.

    If indeed the Switch 2 uses another Nvidia based on older ARM architecture, its like a billionaire leaving their mansion with the keys under the doormat, doors unlocked, and security system turned off. The Switch 2 would be hackable within the year it's released. I think the Yuzu situation has painted a target on Nintendo's back with the hacking community. Ahhhhhhhh... if only the Yuzu devs had not gotten greedy with Tears of the Kingdom, Nintendo would have probably left them alone as they've done with Ryujinx, Dolphin (sort of), and CEMU.