Thoughts on Yuzu

What are your thoughts on Yuzu getting sues by Nintendo? Do you think Yuzu has a significant impact on Switch piracy? Personally I find it interesting that Nintendo waited until after handheld PCs took off and probably fel a bit threatened since people can use Yuzu to play on handhelds. I just wish they'd instead try to to update their old consoles a bit faster!

  • I’d say it’s an unfair sue and I agree with you that it’s probably Nintendo getting concerned with the new handhelds gaining the ability to run their games through this software. Like all emulators, Yuzu does not condone piracy and it is against their policy for its users to do so. Since it is emulating a currently active and latest generation console for Nintendo though I suppose this may potentially go differently legally through different arguments but we’ll see.

    Side note: Nintendo definitely needs to release a console that isn’t stuck in 2014

  • Actually we've been discussing this in the PC Gaming group channel for a few days in a couple of separate threads. Here they are in order of topic if you'd like to contribute your thoughts which I think are compelling.

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    What you imparted is compelling because I had not previously thought about the timing of Nintendo's lawsuit against the Yuzu developers. Originally I thought the reasoning behind it was the Tears of the Kingdom leak which occurred last year. Although it wasn't the devs fault for the leak, it was the support of running it behind a paywall was the reason. As in, they were making money from piracy.

    I thought this way because they have not, at least at this moment, filed a lawsuit against other emulator development teams and with my personal knowledge that Yuzu is NOT new. It has been around for at least 4 or more years if memory serves me correct.

    Yet what you mentioned compounds things. Maybe as you said, Nintendo didn't care years ago about Yuzu because the best you could do to run Switch games was on your desktop or laptop. As such, the Switch experience of portability didn't exist within the mainstream. The Steam Deck brought to the mainstream, the ability of running Switch games in better resolution and better FPS than the Switch itself. Because of this those who sail the seven seas would be able to have a "better" Switch than Nintendo, without paying Nintendo a dime!

    Now, many of us, me included, have used Yuzu and Ryujinx on devices by GPD and AyaNeo years before the Steam Deck to run our legally owned cartridges on the go. I say that while literally my OG Switch is right beside my keyboard with cartridges for Link's Awakening, Animal Crossing, and Dragon Quest Treasures beside it. And behind me sits my Steam Deck, Legion Go, and GPD Win Max 2. For me I could back up my cartridges, take them with me on a microSD and play my legally owned Switch games and PC games by taking only one device. The same can be said for my 3DS games and 3DSXL that sits in my bedroom while using Citra on my PC devices.

    Nintendo gets money from me, I buy my carts, both my wife and I have a Switch purchased from Nintendo directly as refurbished models. And between us we both own three 3DSXLs plus a Zelda Edition original 3DS. I should be able to backup and play anything I've purchased either new from a retailer or second hand from a dealer or eBay. Yet, I'm not naive, I know or at least I surmise many people don't do this. They sail the seven seas and essential have a free Switch and free Switch games. It is understandable that would anger Nintendo. However I loathe their stance on backing up legally owned content. Because to their opinion in the lawsuit, a cartridge I've purchased isn't actually a purchase. It is a "rental" license that allows me to run it ONLY on the system THEY say I can run it on. This I think is wrong and is one of the reason why people like me say it would appear those who sail the seven seas have a better gaming experience than those of us who legitimately purchase.

    Lastly, the next few months will be telling. If they go after Ryujinx, then I'd say you are right, its all about the "new" better Nintendo Switch in the form of SteamDeck, Legion Go, Aya Neo devices, and others. If they don't, then it was about the Tears of the Kingdom leak and making money off it.