What is a game that hits you hard with the nostalgia feels?

You know the game-just thinking about makes you feel happy. What you wouldn’t give to own it again-or if you do own it, you regularly go back to play it. 

mine? Dungeon Siege II. Or Toe Jam & Earl. Champions of Norrath. Tomb Raider, the OG titles. Duck tales for the OG game boy (the grey brick) or Adventure Island (also a grey brick Gameboy title). Some I would love to stream and share with others but they are just too old and are incompatible. But I adore them. 

what about you?

  • Warhawk, BFBC2, Runescape, TLOZ OOT/MM, SSB, GTA 3, Banjo-Kazooie, 007 golden eye, Tetris 64

  • I would have to say when i turn on Knights Of The Sky for all of 10 minutes until I get bored. This was the first game I ever played on a pc at my dad's house in FL. I played it for hours in between helping him build desktops for 25 bucks a pop lol....flopy disk's..good times, and i loved every min of it, and it's been history from there. 

  • Resident Evil 2 for sure 

  • 2d Marios, twisted metal 2, Panzer Dragoon, daytona usa turtles/xmen arcade games

  • Freddi Fish and the Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds is the one game from my childhood that I have replayed multiple times as an adult. I got the entire Freddi Fish series from a Humongous entertainment humble bundle and have enjoyed the nostalgia.  

  • Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. My first ever Action/Adventure/RPG. I just adore that title, that and Chrono Trigger. I honestly wish those games would get some sort HD remake in the same vein of Links Awakening. Not just some lazy "remastering" that barely looks any better.

  • Two games come to mind, Super Smash Bros. Melee and Kingdom Hearts. So many good memories when I was a kid playing them.

  • 2d mario for sure. Web games like raft wars make me feel so old i used to love playing those typa games.

  • Contra and Ninja Gaiden on NES. Morrowind. Warcraft 2 & 3