Wired vs Wireless mouse

Whats you guys thoughts between wired and wireless mice (mouses)?  I have a razer basilisk wireless which is mostly perfect except for infrequent disconnects.

What mouse do you use?

  • bought a logitech  pro x superlight light over prime days, love it! No problems so far, but only a week or so of use lol. 

  • Wireless is better. 

  • I use a wireless mouse. Right now i have a Predator Cestus 350 which works great! It has great response time, feels good to use, and has a great battery life. 

  • Wireless is handy but the only wireless thing I use is headphones, anything else I feel can have an affect on gaming so old reliable wired mouse is a safe bet.

  • It depends on where and what I am using the mouse for. I have a razer DeathAdder v2 for my desktop. I use a SteelSeries Sensei 310 for my gaming/work laptop. A Wireless Logitech G 502 for my living room. 

  • Been using the logitech G pro wireless for a year now havent looked back at wired mice. Great mouse. Its lightweight, can be programmed / have side buttons moved to be ambidextrous and hella long battery life. Comes with weights if you want it heavier. definitely worth the money

  • Has anyone found a wireless mouse that's wireless without the USB dongle? I've heard great things about Logitech and want to upgrade my G300 wired mouse for my laptop, but want to free up the few ports I have.

  • I like my wireless mouse but, using it for work and then gaming drains it. I may switch to wired but I do like the free range of a wireless mouse more.

  • If you are going to be gaming competitively, you've got to have a wired mouse.  Wireless is great, but if it is coming down to competition you want the wire for sure.  Competition is FIERCE these days, especially for us older folks lol.

  • I use other brands, but I primarily use Cooler Master's MM711. It's wired and lightweight... great for FPS games. I use wireless mice.. Logitech..  with my laptop and other PCs. LIke most things, it depends. I use wired mice for gaming and wireless mice when low latency and fast response times are not important.