Wired vs Wireless mouse

Whats you guys thoughts between wired and wireless mice (mouses)?  I have a razer basilisk wireless which is mostly perfect except for infrequent disconnects.

What mouse do you use?

  • logitech pro x superlight, perfect so far

  • The only downside to my wireless mouse is that it glitches when trying to re-pair it after charging directly from my laptop, but I love the freedom of a wireless mouse. Mine can connect through a 2.4Hz dongle, but it also has bluetooth without it. Thankful to have it free up USB ports.

  • I like how reliable wired mice can be, but I like the freedom that comes with a wireless one. 

  • I just went from a wired Logitech g502 hero to a wireless g502 and will honestly say it comes down to preference and my preference is now wireless and will always love the g502.

  • I've had a Logitech G502 (wired) for a few years with my desktop. Works great, and I don't need to worry about batteries.

  • Mmmm its really rough to be honest. Ive been using wireless and wired mouses but to me it still feels the same lol.

  • I am using Razer Orochi

  • Overall, both types of mice have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the choice often comes down to personal preference and use case. If you're finding the occasional disconnects with your wireless mouse to be a problem, you may want to consider switching to a wired mouse, or try troubleshooting the issue with your current mouse to see if there's a way to improve the stability of the wireless connection.

  • I prefer wireless even in gaming I don't notice much lag with my Logitech G Pro it lasts at least 40 hours between charges and has a 25k dpi sensor.

  • While wireless may seem better , i prefer a wired mouse. I feel the response times and reliability are better. Just personal preference.