Wired vs Wireless mouse

Whats you guys thoughts between wired and wireless mice (mouses)?  I have a razer basilisk wireless which is mostly perfect except for infrequent disconnects.

What mouse do you use?

  • I have an M100 Ideapad gaming mouse, it's wired, very responsive and good quality. I think it might depend on what you're using it for, each have their strengths and weaknesses. historically speaking wired would be better for consistent connections and responsiveness, and wireless would be great for if you are mobile / on the go or using a laptop. I know tech has changed lately, but I do know a common issue with wireless mice is connecting and disconnecting or latency due to the distance or objects interfering between the mouse and the usb transiever (if it's USB).

  • I use both. Wireless for daily tasks and normal use. Wired for any games. 

  • I hate changing batteries so I prefer wired.

  • Wireless is obivously better. Similar response time to wired ones

  • Battery life is so crazy long that I don't see any good reason for wired. 

  • I prefer wireless. Be sure you buy the rechargeable kind though if you have the money. 

  • Wireless is a better option.  

  • Wireless is much better. If you get a wireless, make sure to get one that is rechargeable so you dont use a ton of batteries.

  • nothing compares to a wireless mouse its free movement