Wired vs Wireless mouse

Whats you guys thoughts between wired and wireless mice (mouses)?  I have a razer basilisk wireless which is mostly perfect except for infrequent disconnects.

What mouse do you use?

  • cables are annoying so if I can get it wireless I will.

  • When it comes to choosing between a wired or wireless mouse, there are a few things to consider.

    Wired mice have the advantage of being more reliable, as they don't depend on batteries or a wireless connection to function. They also tend to have a lower latency, which can be important for gaming or other tasks that require quick responses. Additionally, wired mice are generally less expensive than wireless mice.

    On the other hand, wireless mice offer greater freedom of movement and are generally more convenient to use. They also help keep your workspace clutter-free by eliminating the need for cables. Modern wireless mice have improved connectivity, battery life and lower latency than they used to, but they still depend on batteries, which means you'll need to keep spare batteries on hand or recharge the mouse.

  • I have had pretty bad luck with wireless in the past. I enjoy the idea, but I frequently had problems with disconnecting and input lag, so I switched back to my wired mouse. 

  • It's a wired mouse for me. I feel it's more precise and you save on batteries.

  • I think it's important to approach this issue with empathy and understanding for those who have been affected by it.

  • I usually use a wired mouse, but wireless works just fine too.  If I'm home, it's wired.  If I'm traveling, it's wireless.