Advice for First-Time PC Buyers

In 2020, more people are trying PC gaming than ever before.

For first-time PC buyers, learning everything you need to know to start PC gaming can be overwhelming. 

What are your tips for those who want to start playing on PC, but don't know where to start?

Any valuable resources/links that helped you learn when starting out on PC?

  • wait until the end of the months for better offers

  • Take advantage of places like Microcenter. While company stores and Newegg can be wonderful for finding deals, stores like Microcenter can also have crazy good deals. 

  • Always use pcpartpicker to check for compatibility issues. There's always a review or benchmark of what you're going to get, check them out. Make sure you've budgeted enough just in case. Always get the best, never second, for your budget.

  • I'd recommend anyone with questions about buying or building a PC to join the Legion discord server!

  • I've got two pieces of advice.  

    1. The GPU or graphics card will generally have the greatest impact on your gaming experience. 
    2. Games are getting bigger, and the new consoles will be using fast solid state hard drives, so don't be afraid to invest some money in getting as much SSD storage as you can. I would recommend at least 1TB to start.  
  • If you're looking to get into streaming, invest in the CPU.

  • purchase GPU to meet your budget. they are all more than you need.

  • IF you plan on playing COD you might want to get a 4 TB hard drive 

  • Open up whatever PC you buy and learn!!!! Learn what everything is and dont be afraid to explore what does what.