Describe the greatest video game experience you've ever experienced.

Hello friends!

Every gamer I've ever met has had that one gaming experience that really stands out above all the others. I've had a few, but I think one of my favorites was a Halo LAN party on the original Xbox with about 12 of my friends playing capture the flag.  I remember one match where our teams were so well balanced that the game literally went on for over an hour without a winner. Everyone was in the zone and playing very specific roles trying overcome our friends on the other side of the room.  It was fantastic bonding experience for everyone there, and almost twenty years later, I still keep track of some of my squad mates.  

  • i got a penta in a ranked game of LoL once. that was the highlight of my day! 

  • Haha that's awesome Mark!

    I'd probably say a lot of my best experiences come from League of Legends, I can think of two:

    1. Ranked 5s/clash. League's built-in team modes are super fun for more competitive play, it's awesome to get a group together and work out strategies, team comps, banning strats, and more. I have really good memories of grinding Ranked 5s in college with 4 buddies and adapting our comps each game.
    2. Worlds. In 2016 I went to NYC with those same friends for the League Worlds semfinals series, it was an amazing experience being in Madison Square Garden for an esports event. Those semifinals ended up being, what a lot of people consider, the greatest series in League history. It was amazing to be at the event live and I can't wait for Worlds to return to NA soon (in person!)
  • Whoa, your 2016 NYC experience sounds pretty incredible, Ben. 

  • Finishing my first raid in Destiny was a big one for me. I never played WoW, so it was the first game I really got in to that had raids. 4+ hours to run it, finished somewhere around 2am. The teamwork needed, mechanics of the stages, and pure scale of it all was amazing. 

  • One of these days I'm gonna get enough friends together to finish a Destiny raid. 

  • The first time I ever beat a full game on my own was a memory I'll always have. My brother and I used to love Twisted Metal 2 and the first time I beat the game I was playing as Warthog and we celebrated super hard. The PS1 will always be my favorite Sony console.

  • My favorite experience all around is Mass Effect 2. That games story was perfectly tailored and the characters were memorable. The dialogue selection was way ahead of its time and its the first time in awhile that I really felt immersed in a game. 

  • im down Mark... Just got to get Destiny updated. Hardest thing is just sticking to a game. 

  • I got you guys! I started playing again and can most likely sherpa any of the old raids, but either way I'm down to try them sometime if we have a big enough group Slight smile

  • I've been looking to get back into Destiny too! Especially with the new expansion coming out, all the old content becomes free right?