Describe the greatest video game experience you've ever experienced.

Hello friends!

Every gamer I've ever met has had that one gaming experience that really stands out above all the others. I've had a few, but I think one of my favorites was a Halo LAN party on the original Xbox with about 12 of my friends playing capture the flag.  I remember one match where our teams were so well balanced that the game literally went on for over an hour without a winner. Everyone was in the zone and playing very specific roles trying overcome our friends on the other side of the room.  It was fantastic bonding experience for everyone there, and almost twenty years later, I still keep track of some of my squad mates.  

  • Looks like we've got enough interest to start the very first Legion Gaming Community clan! Here's the link to join: With Beyond Light releasing this week, it's a perfect time to jump back in if you haven't played in awhile. 

  • I know right.  There are so many games to play and simply not enough time to QA them all. Stuck out tongue

  • One of my best has got to be playing HVV in Battlefront II where I was drawn into a 4v1 while playing as Count Dooku and due to a combination of health, parrying, dodging, sheer luck, and someone joining the fight on my side when I was low on health I managed to not only survive but wipe em' each. This happened again more or less throughout that whole match and I ended up placing first.

  • During my childhood the two biggest video games that I grew up on were halo and call of duty. I would always play against my brother and cousin. Every time we'd play I would do terribly and wish that I could be that good. well just last night my cousin had a small bachelor party with me, my brother, and my brother in-law. He wanted to play classic 4 player split screen halo like the good old days, and I won almost every swat match: to be fair though they don't play video games as often as they used to but it was still great.