What is a better graphic engine “id tech 7” or “Unreal 5” engine?

What is better engine for game development in 3d environment? “id tech 7” by id software or Unreal 5 engine; is better for developers to use in building visually appealing games?

Topic to post on this discussion are:

1). Graphic cards used to build the game.

2). Professional use of GPU in building games and hardware capabilities.

Thank you and have a great day ahead.

Kevin Parekh

  • id Tech 7 is proprietary to id Software, so unless you're developing a game with them, you're probably not going to have access to id Tech 7. I suggest you look into Unreal, Unity, or Godot instead to see which one best suits your needs.

  • I would look at Unreal or Unity as they probably have a larger suite of tools to use.