Best FPS game?

"Hey everyone! Let's dive into a lively discussion about FPS games. With so many incredible titles out there, it can be tough to crown just one as the absolute best. Whether you're a fan of fast-paced action, strategic gameplay, or immersive storytelling, there's something for everyone in the FPS genre. So, which FPS game do you think deserves the title of the best, and why? Is it the intense gunplay of Call of Duty, the tactical depth of Rainbow Six Siege, the sci-fi adventure of Halo, or perhaps something entirely different? Share your thoughts and let's see if we can reach a consensus on the ultimate FPS experience!"

  • For me it's Half-life. It was the most engaging and at the time awe inspiring FPS game of my time and had one of the best modding communities I've seen. 

  • My favorite of all time is Battlefield Bad Company 2, it was a blast. My favorite modern one is Apex. I like the strategies that go into making the teams of the different legends and how smooth the game feels to play.

  • For me it's the puzzles and story of Portal. Not only that, but the movement is fast paced and really smooth. 

  • Titanfall 2 is still the best FPS I have ever played. Its dynamic movement to the seamless transition from mech to human is just perfect. There just hasn't been any other FPS that felt as complete as this title. 

  • Would have to be Apex or Halo for me, great gameplay, and smooth movement!

  • I'd go with one of the Halo games.

  • I still like the original Overwatch. I tend to dislike the one-shot-you're-dead style. Plus the addition of abilities and ultimates make it more interesting.

  • I feel that Half Life 2 deserves a mention. It had a great story, incredible atmosphere, and fantastic gameplay. It’s even worth replying today imho. 

  • I liked portals story, and I play OW2 sometimes, along with TABS/TABG and very recently VALORANT.

  • I'm not a FPS guy but I really love Doom!