Vr Titanfall

Someone is developing the VR equivalent of Titanfall and I'm really excited for it. Unfortunately since it is a passion project right now there is the chance that it will be abandon in future. The developers are Argon and Virus. You can watch the introduction video here: gaming.lenovo.com/.../best-fps-game

  • This sounds so amazing. I loved both Titanfall games and playing it in VR would bring a new and different experience. Hopefully Sony finishes their pc support update for the PSVR2 before it releases as that is the only headset I currently own. I was thinking about trying to budget in a Quest 3 but since Sony made the announcement for pc support last month I decided to hold off to see how well it is implemented.

  • That is awesome news, there are a lot of VR passion project like flat2vr and this would be a good project

  • Sounds cool! But I don't think that's the correct link for the video. I didn't see any videos in the thread you linked to.

  • Original titanfall is the greatest FPS of all time. Titanfall 2 was dissapointing with how frail the titans are. I wish they woild open source the code and let someone keep it alive.

  • Titanfall 2 was a really great game so I am very excited for a VR version of Titanfall! Thank you for showing us.

  • I am always in a rush to see what's new, being hoping that VR be further in the evolution than what it really is. Titanfall game VR sounds awesome. I hope they get it Done

  • Sounds amazing. Hope it translates to also being amazing.

  • I wanted to play Titanfall originally, but never got around to it. I would likely make a point for a VR version though, that could be really cool. On that note, what's the current best VR setup? I only have the original Occulus (can't complain though, it was given to me for free).

  • That sounds super fun.