Vr Titanfall

Someone is developing the VR equivalent of Titanfall and I'm really excited for it. Unfortunately since it is a passion project right now there is the chance that it will be abandon in future. The developers are Argon and Virus. You can watch the introduction video here: gaming.lenovo.com/.../best-fps-game

  • Thank you for sharing.

  • This sounds like it would be pretty incredible in VR, I can imagine the gameplay would be even more fast-paced and intense in VR vs. normal. I hope the project succeeds and they are able to launch it. I don't have any VR headsets yet, but maybe someday I'll have to save up and get one :)

  • personnally i didn't think the titans were frail, just that the weapons are designed to take down other titans. I mean if you look at the Infantry scale Anti-titan weapons they do less damage per hit then most titan weapons.

  • Is there a video I can't find in the link or is it the wrong link? 

  • Sounds amazing! Another excuse to play Titanfall all over again in a different POV!

  • This sounds like so much fun!

  • That's really cool! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Hopefully this comes to light, it will be a good experience in VR.