Thoughts on Bots

It's no secret that the tech industry has been seeing a lot of inventory issues. For various reasons the tech industry has struggled to keep up with demand. We saw the RTX 3000 series launch met supply issues that still persist, and the PlayStation 5 is out of stock everywhere, and the Xbox Series X is in the same boat.  It comes as no surprise that bots are out there scalping these products.  One could argue that these raised prices on eBay and the like represent the actual value to customers since some are actually willing to pay twice MSRP for new video cards and the like. I tend to want to condemn such practices since they make gaming products that are generally reasonably priced out of reach for the common gamer. 

What are your thoughts on bots purchasing gaming products, or tech for that matter? 

  • People that use bots are just exploiting the scarcity of an item for their own profit and I personally cannot condone that. People really shouldn't be forced to pay more than MSRP for an item because some guy made a bot that scooped up a limited inventory product.

    The actual words I want to use to describe people who use bots to exploit this stuff would surely get a moderation flag here lol.

  • Honestly, personally they make me fume but I also understand why people bot. If you see how much a PS5 goes on eBay right now then you can get why people are going to do this and keep on doing it. The best way around it is using Captcha code at checkout.  

  • Totally agree, I got into this business because I wanted to see more people playing games. I truly believe they can be an amazing force for good, and it frustrates me to no end to know that there are folks who aren't going to get into the medium simply because they've been priced out of it. 

  • This is essentially exploiting the current nature of the world right now. I can only slightly understand why people would bot if it was a singular item of low or no demand, but that puts a strong disadvantage for everyone else who wishes to purchase items of high importance legitimately. Consoles and similar things to keep yourself safe at home and entertained either for yourself or your family and friends are vital. Even then, obtaining a console for a good portion of the world can be difficult regardless of people inflating the price to make an extra profit. Most people simply never consider others and only think of themselves. It's horrible and I agree it should be put to an end.

  • Some bots can be good. For Example, FultecBot is going to be the best bot ever and a household name here soon!