Gaming on Lenovo AIO PCs

Lenovo has 2 Yoga AIO PCs that has dedicated GPU 

Lenovo Yoga A940 with an AMD Radeon 560M

Lenovo Yoga 7 AiO with an AMD RX 6600m

Has anyone tried gaming on these PCs or gaming on these laptop grade GPUs and how is the gaming experience?

  • Even though, I am sure you can play some games with a Lenovo Yoga, I will recommend one of the Lenovo Legion Pro, Gen 8 or 9 for best results.

  • I look forward to seeing what others have to say on this topic.

  • Well They are definitely better than having no gpu, they probably would be best with a low intensity game like untitled goose game, disco elysium, stardew valley, Hades, sims 4 or unpacking rather than a more graphic intensive AAA title like say cyberpunk.

  • Have not.  But like seeing GPU's as an option.  That will surely help gaming and some work applications.

  • Darn haven't tried the Yoga yet

  • ETAprime on YouTube does a lot of videos on a variety of PCs, laptops, and other devices even ones not labeled as “gaming”. He’s definitely worth a watch. You could feasibly game but you would need to temper your expectations in my opinion. If a game doesn’t run well you could always stream using GeForce Now or Gamepass as long as you game a good wifi card and connection. 

  • I would recommend getting either a laptop or just a pc with monitor, all in ones don't tend to be very good. 

  • Laptops have come along ways but the all in one still needs refinement. Legion 5i with a 4070 laptop is fantastic. Midgrade desktop performance in a well built laptop. They go on sale at lenovo website all the time