New PC Build

On the cusp of new CPUs from Intel and Amd and GPUs from Nvidia, AMD and Intel, who here will be upgrading their PC (whether it be an entirely new built PC or just a few components) and what components will they be going with. For me, I'm leaning towards a 4080 16GB and a Ryzen 7900X.

  • Been eying the 11600k for an Intel build lately, would like to see a sharp falloff on pricing with new CPUs coming out but not quite holding my breath. Also been considering something like the 5600g or 5600x for a more budget friendly build. Current machine was built in early 2014 with a few upgrades to this or that over the years, its due. Dont want to jump to 12th gen Intel as supposedly they best run on Win11 and I'm not ready to move to the cutting edge in that regard just yet. Its very difficult to balance performance, price, and efficiency though. Would like to build a machine thats more powerful than what I have, but is also significantly cooler under a day-to-day load as well to reduce waste heat in the room. Don't think its going to be possible to hit all of those markers though.

  • i might buy a new gpu, but that'll make me have to revamp my system, buy a new psu, maybe mobo and CPU too

  • Good luck with the new build. 

    I've long wanted to build one but lack the know-how & confidence. Maybe someday.

  • Michael G., youtube is a lifesaver man, you can learn everything you need to know there. I remember building my first pc in 2000 and I was completely lost.

  • There's no way I'm paying current MSRP for the 40 series GPUs, so no new builds with them for me.  Honestly all prices seem like they're due for a correction, so I'm just going to chug along for a bit longer.

  • No cash, so no upgrades this year...

  • I would love to have the latest and the greatest, but I have to consider the price. I wish you well on your new endeavor.

  • Now I always buy old, but I'm planning to upgrade to those CPUs and GPUs that just lost a bit of shine. :D But for me it will be a nice step up :D

  • The 4 series cards are so ridiculously over priced at launch, you can get a 3080 for dirt cheap now that crypto mining is dying. Might want to keep that in mind, the performance isn't necessary unless you REALLY LOVE playing at 4k ultra settings 120+ FPS absolutely no matter what, then sure maybe.