way too many games

anyone else feel that there are way too many games to play? I cant ever finish a game these days.

  • I feel you. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with how many games there are. I try to focus on one game and if I don't like the game I just drop the game and move on. 

  • Haha, many games or not enough really depends on the player. There are many games out there to accommodate all types of gamers. Maybe you've bought too many games! Time to rebudget your entertainment category LOL ;)

  • I feel the same I have so many games these days that I started and have not finished. I started focusing on one game at a time now and have finished two games already so I'm sticking to this strategy. I will say I have games that I will not finish and that's okay.

  • I mean, yeah. On steam, my profile says I have 241 games, and my actual library says 561 games. Another probably 300ish on Epic. Combined I've probably actually played 30-50 of them, and repeated play maybe 15-20. Tons I've never played yet..

  • Any physical/collector's edition copy I get I will play. Any digital game I have well it's like a 10% chance I will play it. The only games I really find myself playing now are co-op games. Anything that I can get a group together to play will be the easiest to complete. 

  • Definitely sometimes. Similar to my overgrowing watch lists, and TBR pile (though that has slowed, and mostly get things from the library now, so cheaper). With both TV and games, I am very prone to replays/rewatches, and ignoring things that I haven't played or watched before. 

  • Just not enough time. I know there are some games I got for free that that I'll probably never play because I'll prioritize others.

  • Yeah I feel like you gotta pick your favorites and stick to them. No way a person with an actual job will be able to finish all the new good games

  • I aim for games I know fit my style. Then when something interesting goes on sale I might pick it up. Sometimes it is pleasantly surprising... Dave the Diver! Other times I give it a good run and then have to let the $5 -20 mistake behind.

  • I feel the same way, plus its hard to find the time to finish long games. I love to play them, but with work and family stuff I hardly have time to sit down and just play a game for a while.