Gaming Laptop a no-no?

Looking to purchase a gaming PC... desktop vs laptop, are the laptops really that much crappier?

  • It really depends on the games you want to play, the settings you want to play them at (medium, high, extreme/ultra, etc.). I have the Lenovo Legion 9i laptop with a 4080, which is quite powerful for playing games at high or max settings, however, there's more noise to deal with due to high fan speeds to keep it cool. The laptop body will also get warm, so that may bother your fingers if you don't use an external keyboard for gaming. I also have the Lenovo Legion G8 desktop with a 4080 also, so I actually did a review of the 9i laptop and showed comparison FPS with the Legion desktop in the same games to show the differences in FPS. Can link to it if you like, but basically laptops will always be behind desktops due to it's compact size since there's less room for airflow and a 4080 on a laptop won't perform as well as a 4080 on a desktop since there can be more power draw with a desktop PSU and more space and surface area to cool it or manage heat. Long story short, laptops can definitely game with at high or max settings, with some sacrifices like high fan speeds, getting warm, etc., but desktops will always be better and likely cheaper too if you already own a monitor.

  • I know a lot of people who enjoy gaming on laptop but for me I don't see how I could be more agile than on a console. But it's a matter of preference.

  • Not at all! Laptops can increasingly compete with Desktop performance, and the Legion lineup for instance can handle just about any game you can think of. It really comes down to use case more than anything. If you need a portable machine, you can't beat a laptop. But if you only plan to game at your desk and don't need portability, desktops generally offer slightly higher performance at a lower relative cost. It's basically about tradeoffs and your own needs.

  • What about cooling or upgrades? When I used to build systems regularly that was something always in mind, to either expand or upgrade easily later on. Laptop mobility is great, but I would think the limits for hard-core gaming would keep at least those users away.

  • I prefer gaming laptop but I mostly play single-player games and I travel a lot.

    I've never had any performance issues yet both for gaming and my graphic design work.

  • Laptops have bridged the gap, but they are more expensive and harder to upgrade. 

  • I love my Legion Laptop. It doesn't have quite the horsepower of my desktop, but it does a fine job letting me play when I'm out and about. 

  • Whatever tool you buy, buy the best one you can. You'll have a better user experience. My phone can handle almost everything I need on the go. So, a laptop with an external monitor or a tower PC will both work well for at home. More portability with a laptop. You'll get better performance out of a tower PC.  It all depends on your budget and needs. 

  • Not at all. If that is what you want. Modern gaming laptops are great there are no meaningful performance differences theses days. If money is no object and don't care about major upgrade and you can just buy a better laptop later.