Intel vs AMD

Which is a better CPU for gaming, Intel or AMD?  

  • For me it has always been AMD for two reasons.

    One is price the AMD CPUs always been cheaper. Back in the day there was compatibility and stability problems, but now it is a great value for the money.

    The second is the main focus of AMD CPUs is for entertainment and art. AMD is synonymous with gaming and all innovations benefited gaming and art from gaming PCs, later consoles, and Apple alternative artist graphics stations.

    Intel to me always seemed like it's focus was on the business machines, and family home PCs. Nothing wrong with that, but they were always expensive for the performance I need. Now in modern era they have a bigger gaming focus now investing more money and attention to APUs and GPUs.

    That is just my opinion. If money was no object I would go maxed out intel \ nvidia system.

  • I've always preferred AMD since they are cheaper and Intel had some overheating issues not too long ago.

  • Either CPU will be fine with me - it's mostly about how much money you will want to spend on the GPU

  • For pure gaming, AMD is better for the cost since their performance is pretty close between both brands. The CPU compatibility with boards for Intel tends to be more costly than AMD. However, if you are also using your PC for work/school then it's better to go for Intel. 

  • I use my PC for things other than just gaming, so I usually lean towards Intel.

  • the AMD cpus with 3D cache are the best options for gaming

  • AMD has a faster gaming CPU right now

  • AMD better performance for it's price plus I don't need to swap boards every time they advance their chips.