Legion handheld giveaway :)

Which handheld is ideal for current technology applications and users?

  • I prefer to use the tablet for current technology applications as my choice for handheld devices.

  • I also prefer tablets. Apple products especially tend to last for years with a guaranteed stream of software updates. This is critically important considering the escalating cost of these items as the processor and screen tech advances by leaps and bounds. Financial suicide to replace these things on a regular basis.

  • I would say the IPad is well suited.

  • Wondering if you are aware that Apple just lost a 2nd class action lawsuit for slowing down their products with software updates.    They keep doing it and are only getting small fines.  

  • I do love the ipad, but I also have the lenivi tab that has been quite fun.

  • I believe all have their unique uses, and it comes to that question of What you really need it for, and That is the way you choose to buy a handheld device.

  • I'm an iPad user personally.

  • I have not moved exclusively to handhelds yet. Still prefer my laptop over anything else. But a tablet can work in a pinch, and my phone is fine for limited apps. Larger screens make the experience better.

  • A bit confused with the question but if you are simply looking for a tablet then it depends on what laptop/PC you have. I believe Lenovo has some good ones (the M and P series) but I have never owned one!

  • I mean, I think that's just inherently going to depend on what the use case is. Something like a Legion Go or Steam Deck etc. is ideal for mobile gaming, but the form factor probably still isn't best for most other things, including hooking it in as a main computer (or being seen with it in a boardroom). A tablet is better for reading and web browsing, if for no other reason than the vertical aspect ratio and silent operation. Laptops are best for productivity, but aren't handhelds. Phones are fast and have integrated sensors and apps. A folded piece of paper is best for taking notes.