What is a good AAA game to start with?

Apart from relatively old classic games such as Half-Life 2, Portal, Batman Arkham Series or Civilization V, I've never played AAA games. For a long period of time, I had a low end computer so my gaming choices was developed to play games that required low system preferences.

I was always so curious to play AAA games before I got my high-endish computer last year. Especially after watching content creators playing those games. But later I realized that I still want to play low budget games. Am I missing out? What is a good AAA game to start with?

Some of the games I like: 7 Days to Die, Hades, Disco Elysium, A Story About My Uncle, Regions of Ruin.

  • If your computer can handle it, then play what interests you. There are certainly plenty of inexpensive and free games that have become popular. Call of Duty has always been my favorite due to the historical immersion. 

  • I would recommend Elden Ring. So many options and freedom makes this game very much worth playing. Theres a reason so many people still play. The AAA games have more effort put into them. Its not just graphics. This is decently complex action RPG that lets you play online with others. The size and exploration alone showcases whay AAA games are. 

  • I can't think of anything that is in your area of interest.   I must say though that I was shocked by the "relatively old classic" description.   I guess cause it stung so much that I must fit that also.   Joy  Civ V was from 2010.   Doesn't seem like it is 14 years old.  

  • What's the concern? overworking your rig? With a high end pc, you're wasting power not playing high end games but play whatever you want to play. I find most aaa games bombastic and underwhelming but i'm also picky about which genres i play. But you do you.

  • Really depends on what genres you like. For me, I like action/adventure games so God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn / Forbidden West, Spider-Man, etc.

  • Cyberpunk 2077 would be a fun one to play if you haven't tried it yet. The graphics are pretty awesome on a high end machine and its got a good story.

  • Cyberpunk 2077! Or Fortnite, Valorant, any massive free game to try out with!

  • Considering the games you like, I would suggest Baldur's Gate 3. 

    It's recent and has received many appraisals. Just make sure you will be able to run it.

    Hope you enjoy!

  • Play the best CO-OP experience out there, "It Takes Two!"  

  • I have always like a variety of games, some AAA and some not! I say play what you like, but if you are looking for some specifically AAA games to play I really enjoyed Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, but then I played the borderlands games too and I also enjoyed Diablo IV!