A comprehensive list of good co-op games.


My spouse and I pretty much only play co-op games now. They are a great way to spend time together and have fun together. The problem is that we are running low on games! If anyone has any recommendations then that would be appreciated. I'll list a number of them below that wee have played (and mostly liked). Feel free to add to this list so that we can get a good master list going! I would organize this, and may at a later date, but right now the task is too daunting. I will try to include my thoughts on the game as well. 

7 days to die - zombie minecraft - 3.5/5 Great game but we quickly lost interest

Across the Obelisk - Deck building card game. 4/5

The Ascent - Looter Shooter - 3.5/5

Back 4 Blood - same as left 4 dead - 3.5/5

Borderlands (any) - Looter Shooter 4/5

Dead Island - Zombie survival and crafting game - 3.5/5

Deadspace 3 - Survival horror shooter - 3.5/5

Divinity Original Sin - turn based RPG. D&D style - 4.5/5

Dont Starve Together - Survival sandbox - 4/5

Dungeon of the Endless - Strategy survival - 4/5

Dying Light - Zombie Looter Shooter - 3/5

For the King - Tabletop turn based RPG - 5/5

The forest - sandbox survival - 2/5

God Eater 3 - hack and slash. story rich but repetitive - 2/5

Grim Dawn - top down looter (diablo 2 style) - 4.5/5

GTFO - survival, horror, shooting, strategy, and super hard - 5/5

Haven - Short but fun exploration game. Visually awesome - 4/5

Heroes of Hammerwatch - rougelike dungeon crawler - 5/5

How to Survive - post apocalyptic semi-sandbox zombie game 3.5/5

Magicka 2 - spellcasting top down side scroller. 3/5

Outriders - looter shooter - 3/5

Outward - Open world RPG - 3.5/5

Payday 2 - heist simulator / shooter / stealth planner - 4/5

Remnant form the ashes - shooter - 3.5/5

State of Decay 2 - Open world zombie sandbox/shooter/base builder - 4/5

Torchlight - Diablo 2 esque - 4/5

Wargroove - Strategy/turn based/tabletop - 5/5

Vermintide 2 - Similar to Left 4 Dead - 4.5/5

Wasteland 3 - choice heavy/ rpg / funny - 4.5/5

We need to go deeper - heavily coop based / work as a group - 3.5/5

Wildermyth - turn based tabletop / story rich - 5/5

World War Z - Similar to left 4 dead - 3.5/5

If you can think of any others then please add them! Always looking for more games to play with the spouse. 


  • How is It takes Two not on this list? 

    Since it is October, I would also recommend Phasmophobia, Inside the Backrooms, Killing Floor 2, and V Rising. 

  • I haven't played any of those yet. It takes 2 has been on my list for a bit though so I think it's time to buy it =) 

    Thabks for the other recommendations! 

  • Killing Floor 2 is an older game but a good co-op game with colorful visuals and animations. I like The Division 2; it's another older game. Nice list btw! Good luck ! 

  • Thought I added to this thread, but Trine is a good RPG/co-op game whether it's couch or online. There's 3 or 4 out now I believe and you can get the first three as a bundle I believe.

  • deep rock galactic
    how about some side scrolling beat em ups? Streets of rage 4, shredders revenge, castle crashers
    gauntlet slayer edition

  • Include both Guacamelees and Crawl and Broforce!

  • A way out!! It's kind of short but super fun! And there are some twist at the end too!

  • Good list. As well as the other replies in the thread.  I'd add Golf with friends with it's variety of player made courses. 

  • I noticed you've got 7 Days to Die on your list, and I have to say, it's a personal favorite of mine as well. The thrill of surviving in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies is just too good to pass up. And guess what? I recently came across some exciting news about the upcoming Alpha 21 update for 7 Days to Die. It's gonna bring some awesome new features and improvements! Oh, and speaking of the game, have you checked out the 7 Days to Die Mod Launcher? It's a game-changer when it comes to adding mods and enhancing the gameplay experience. Now, let me add a recommendation to your list. Have you tried The Forest? It's a sandbox survival game where you and your spouse can work together to build shelters, explore the mysterious island, and fend off hostile creatures.

  • We really liked Divinity 2. A nice, pleasant pace. Sometimes in co-op games one player tends to stop and smell the roses while the other zooms across it, barely reading the story. This one was a good mix.