Nvidia, Radeon and ARC GPUs

I know it's a bit early, but I wanted to know your thoughts- I'm sure a majority of us have been pondering about this...

Nvidia hit us with their new line up regarding the 40 series and the price tag that comes with it, AMD has a opportunity to hit them hard with lower pricing for their 7000 series- Intel enters the GPU market competing with low to mid tier cards along with what looks like to be competitive pricing.

Let's say Radeon still falls short in performance with their RDNA 3 but costs slightly cheaper than Nvidia, to all the gamers out there, is the pricing more of a factor or specs? Will you stay loyal to Nvidia or will you jump ship to Radeon or ARC? Is Ray Tracing or Frame Generation worth the price premium? What justifies the price for you?

  • As long as the performance is good, price is a big factor!

  • lwast for me would be a little of both price and specs or best bang for buck that i can afford. arc arc is good at the combo right now according to reviewers but as 1st gen product drivers have a ways to go.

  • Radeon has always been in 2nd place in terms of rtx and some other stuff. but as long as they hold up with fps they'll be fine for ppl who want to be on the cheap side without sacrificing too much

  • I am mostly just excited to see these companies push the tech further while being more competitive in pricing. That is a win win :) 

  • These days Nvidia has been very good. I can't really comment too much on AMD, but in the past they were very good. 

  • I prefer Nvidia over AMD but if the price difference on similar gpus is big enough I can be swayed. I have no experience with ARC gpus so cannot comment.

  • I balance work and gaming on my PC. Right now, my impression is that NVIDIA is still way ahead with driver support. Hopefully, I am not just making that assumption based on their reputation.

  • Personally, I'd long since written nvidia off as I didn't care for how they move.  And once the Radeon linux drivers surpassed what they had, it was a wrap.  2 of my 6 machines still have nvidia in em.  One is a '21 Legion 7 (which I have listed on ebay) and the other is in my streaming PC.  Once my '22 Legion 7 ships (if it ever does, its been over a month...), I'll be down to 1.  And I may just swap it out anyways.

  • I'll always go with the best card FOR THE MONEY I can afford. AMD or NVIDIA are both fine with me.

  • Arc seems to be great for video encoding on a stream box with a K processor.