Nvidia, Radeon and ARC GPUs

I know it's a bit early, but I wanted to know your thoughts- I'm sure a majority of us have been pondering about this...

Nvidia hit us with their new line up regarding the 40 series and the price tag that comes with it, AMD has a opportunity to hit them hard with lower pricing for their 7000 series- Intel enters the GPU market competing with low to mid tier cards along with what looks like to be competitive pricing.

Let's say Radeon still falls short in performance with their RDNA 3 but costs slightly cheaper than Nvidia, to all the gamers out there, is the pricing more of a factor or specs? Will you stay loyal to Nvidia or will you jump ship to Radeon or ARC? Is Ray Tracing or Frame Generation worth the price premium? What justifies the price for you?

  • Nvidia is better but price some issue. 

  • Intel is just getting into this for the computational market.  I have no confidence in them being usable for gaming.

    Unless AMD has a wild upset, NVIDIA will still win the raw performance war.  Maybe if there was better dual GPU support, it'd be worth buying 2 AMD GPUs for 1.5 the price of a top line NVIDIA card, but there isn't.  Honestly, I'd just go and find a good 30 series card and wait for the price drop/next gen Nvidia card(which will hopefully be more competitively priced).

  • The top tier cards are the money makers for nvidia, I wonder if the Intel Arcs will be profitable for them but for now I would only consider the Arc for media build, not gaming build. I'd still go for Nvidia when on sale preferably, otherwise Radeon is fine too, all depends on where I'm at financially.

  • Performance matters and price matters. I'm not necessarily loyal to NVIDIA but I prefer them. Not sure I'll pay too much extra though

  • Now that the benchmarks are out for the FE 4090, I hope AMDs RDNA3 can come close in raw performance at a lower price. I must say the 4k results are impressive, the cpu bottleneck with the 5800x3D at 1440p is interesting- based on Hardware Unboxed YouTube video on the 4090 review. This is going to be an exciting/stressful 2023 for computer gaming, the prices to build a next gen pc is crazy.

  • I'll stick with NVIDIA for top of the line cards, but if I build a lower spec PC I'll jump ship. I think AMD and Intel are in more of a position to deliver value.

  • I honestly didn't even know about Arc or Intel entering GPU market until now.

  • I know there is an Intel low profile gpu that is out/somehow attainable, but I'd like to see more low profile (even if just one from each manu and no greater than 4/6GB) GPUs for small form factor builds.

  • Price and performance are always the standards.  If Nvidia outperforms, I'll pay a little extra.