Nvidia, Radeon and ARC GPUs

I know it's a bit early, but I wanted to know your thoughts- I'm sure a majority of us have been pondering about this...

Nvidia hit us with their new line up regarding the 40 series and the price tag that comes with it, AMD has a opportunity to hit them hard with lower pricing for their 7000 series- Intel enters the GPU market competing with low to mid tier cards along with what looks like to be competitive pricing.

Let's say Radeon still falls short in performance with their RDNA 3 but costs slightly cheaper than Nvidia, to all the gamers out there, is the pricing more of a factor or specs? Will you stay loyal to Nvidia or will you jump ship to Radeon or ARC? Is Ray Tracing or Frame Generation worth the price premium? What justifies the price for you?

  • Pricing is more important to me than specs. Obviously, if money was not an issue, we were all go for the best which most likely, but not always, means the most expensive. I'm waiting to see what AMD has to offer in the middle range. Nvidia reportedly will release mid to lower tier gpus (4070, 4060, ti variants) early next year or later? The 4090 and 4080 are out of my price range. 

  • Losing faith in nvidia. I have no clue what the hell they are trying to do anymore.

  • I hope AMD gets closer to the ray tracing performance of Nvidia with RDNA 3. Rumors make it seem like it wont really.

  • One day i wont be broke. Cry