Dragon's Dogma 2. Is it just like the first one with better graphics?

I ask because it looks like the type of game I would love to play. Lord of the rings, Dragon age, the witcher... etc. I just really couldn't get more than 10 hours into the first game. I didn't find any relatable characters or unique quests that made it stand out.

  • From what I have played it feels very similar but it is more refined and feels more like a true open world game to me

  • Cool. Thanks Blush 

  • Dragon's Dogma 1 has better gear progression, better dungeon quality (even if there are fewer), better classes (less balanced), better enemy variety, better key moments in the story, and it had more skill variety. That being said 2 has better visuals and combat with the Warrior class being the only one with significant improvements.  

    On a side note, the main issue I have with this series is that both games feel unfinished as if they were released too early before hitting their full potential. Sure DD2 is massively bigger in size, but they kept all of the shortcomings in DD1. 

  • I've only played the first one, but the 2nd one looks a lot smoother from what I've seen of others playing it. I can't compare skills and progression, but the story at least at the beginning seems pretty much the same as if it were a remake, even though that isn't how it is advertised.