The Classic event on Roblox starts on 05.23.24

For those interested in Roblox, The Classic special event launches Thursday, May 23 at 10AM PT, only on Roblox.

Rediscover the world of Classic

Join us on an unforgettable journey as we celebrate our rich lore during the Classic from May 23-28.

Jump in today and seize your rewards!

Complete quests to earn tokens

Earn tokens by completing in-experience challenges and exchange them for avatar items.

Find the Tix

Collect Tix hidden across participating experiences and redeem them for hub-exclusive rewards.

Classic takes over in the hub

Brace yourself for a blast of nostalgia and step into a throwback world full of classic favorites.

You’ll keep all unspent tokens and Tix that you earn during the event. Keep an eye out for more opportunities to redeem tokens and Tix at a future date.

Are you excited for the event?

  • Roblox - The Classic games:

    • Adopt Me!
    • Arsenal
    • BedWars
    • Bee Swarm Simulator
    • Blade Ball
    • Clip It
    • Dragon Adventures
    • Dress to Impress
    • Driving Empire
    • A Dusty Trip
    • Gunfight Arena
    • Livetopia
    • Restaurant Tycoon 2
    • Toilet Tower Defense
    • Tower Defense Simulator

  • Roblox - The Classic UGCs:

    • Ancient Deity Shawl - 5 Tokens
    • Radiant Deity Shawl - 5 Tokens (Bling Track)
    • Empyrean Reign of Awesomeness - 6 Tokens
    • Empyrean Reign II: The Golden Age - 6 Tokens (Bling Track)
    • Agonizingly Happy Bucket - 10 Tokens
    • Agonizingly Happy Bucket of Gold - 10 Tokens (Bling Track)
    • Kleos Erebus - 15 Tokens
    • Kleos Phoebus - 15 Tokens (Bling Track)
    • Star Creator Pie - Launched by members of the Star Creator program
    • Staff Birthday Cake Hat - Launched by Administrators
    • The Classic Developer Slice - Launched by Developers of a game in this event
    • The Classic VIP - Free from Marketplace
  • How did you do? Did you complete the event?