Would you Buy a Sponsored PC at Heavy Discount or Free for Privacy

Lets say there is a PC company that offered a top of the line gaming PC with a 4090 GPU etc for a insanely heavy discount, or a free midrange PC for a cost of your privacy.

The PC has a modified operating system the tracks your app, game and web usage and sell your usage anonymously.

Only thing tied to your usage is your demographics like race, age, edu, employment status etc stuff like that. Stuff other companies wanna buy for their own marketing research.

If you disable, circumvent the software or reimage your machine you will be billed the remaining cost of the machine or fined and have to return it.

There is already a bigscreen TV that does something similar called Telly that has a second screen below it that shows ADs.

Let me know what you think?

  • I think if it will depend on the price. "insanely huge" discount could still cost you a lot of money. 

  • Great question! I heard a while ago "If it's free (or deeply discounted), you are the product". I'm fine getting a discount for watching ads, and that's the type of subscription I have with Netflix and a couple other streaming services. My concern with a PC is just how much information they share, who has access to it, and how often do they change the terms of the agreement to start including things I don't want shared. I voted no, at least for now.

    I forget who it is, but I saw a recent PC manufacturer has started offering PC rentals for about the same cost as a monthly cell phone bill (around $30-40 USD, I believe). I feel like that might be a better option, but they might be selling customer information too! 

  • We already have these, and we are all using them right now. Not so much that the hardware is discounted but nearly every website and app we use is tracked.

  • Privacy in this digital age is already tenuous at best. I'd rather not actively lessen what little we have. Short answer, no. 

  • At the end of the day, nothing is free. There's always a cost and you have to ask yourself "Is this worth the price that I'll be paying?"  It's a hard no for me. I rather spend money on something that I like or love than getting something for free with many strings attached.