Multiple monitors vs. Ultrawide?

Debating between an ultrawide set up or multiple monitors. What kind of monitor set up do you use and why do you like it? Gaming vs. productivity?

  • It probably depends on your job, but for me multiple monitors are way better for productivity. I work with data and it's good for that, but also even apps like teams just play nicer when they have a whole screen. 

    Gaming I only have a normal ratio 1440 screen, but an ultrawide tempts me every black friday. A second monitor seems more game specific - the only time I think I want one in my gaming setup is for learning setups and lineups in Valorant.

  • I find having a large monitor, and at least 1-2 smaller/normal sized monitors help in every situation. I can play games and watch something at the same time, when ai worked from home it helped with productivity, and when I play or run TTRPG's it makes a world of a difference for keeping track of things and having what I need right there. It does depend on what you plan to do while at your computer. Best of both worlds is relatively easy to achieve though for the most part

  • I personally prefer multiple monitors. Two is great, three even better if you have the space for it. When I'm gaming, I like to run system monitor software on one screen and sometimes a stream or two. It's really great if you get an opportunity to join Ben in game, and you can still watch him on Twitch while gaming on the other screen. For work, I really love having multiple screens. Sometimes I'll extend my desktop so it's essentially an ultra-ultra-wide screen, and other times I'll run them separately so I can multitask. I've thought about getting an ultrawide many times just for gaming, but it just doesn't seem like games really take good advantage of the extra screen real estate. 

  • 1 ultrawide for immersion plus 1 supplementary monitor

  • I have a laptop on a laptop stand on the left hand side of my desk, and a larger monitor on the right hand side.  By coincidence both have the same resolution and also, the laptop on the stand comes out to the same height as the monitor (but not the same dimensions).  Then I have my keyboard and mouse in front of the external monitor and put my main workload on the external and any chats, information searches, etc on the laptop monitor.

  • I use a dual monitor setup. I like it because I can do so many things at the same time. Whether it be for gaming or working purposes. I think an ultrawide monitor is cool and all but, I can't justify the prices.

  • Multiple monitors.  Better area customization and Desk space control.

  • If I had the desk space, I would have multiple monitors. I don't think what I have would even be considered an ultrawide monitor (28" my desk is pretty small).

  • Two 27 inch displays, for multiple reasons:

    1. If a single screen completely fails, you've still got 50% productivity

    2. When screen sharing, single screen or desktop resolutions are simpler to resize

    3. Cheaper. MUCH cheaper!

    4. More flexible placement and optionally drop back to single screen with smaller footprint if/when circumstances change.

    5. Upgrade easily to a centered third screen if you need extreme productivity (adding another to a 49 inch ultrawide forces a lopsided arrangement) To be honest though, if you can afford it and have the desktop space then go for it, I've seriously considered upgrading from two 27 inch 1080p panels to a single ultrawide with slightly more overall native pixels.

  • I like multiple monitors for my current purposes.  There's just more stuff I can shuffle around on a second screen.  I can also stream a full screen video on a seperate monitor